Kissing smiley

kissing smiley

Text-based emoticons for Kiss. Updated, Description: Used to send a kiss to another person. Description: Part of the full kiss emoticon:)* or: *. Go beyond a mere xox when your texting friends or using messaging apps by learning how to send kissing emoticons. Smilies (smiling faces) also knows as emotions are the best way to express your feelings even without words! Free smileys pack to use at forums. Add a smile to.

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You can use this simple, traditional, universally recognized message to send someone a kiss. Emoticons can generally be divided into three groups: Your email address will not be published. French kiss Sexy Blonde Kiss Blowing a kiss Tongue kiss Kissing smileys Kissing couple Funny kiss Passionate kissing Kiss Sexy Couple Kissing Blow Kiss Kissing Kisses Hug And Kiss Lips Blow a Kiss Sexy Girl Kiss Big Kiss Monkey Kiss Blow Kiss Air Kiss Glitter lips kiss Licking lips Kiss me lips Sexy Kisses Lips Girl blowing kiss Glitter kiss Kissing couple Kiss and Thank You Valentine kiss Angel in clouds blowing a kiss Clown Kiss Boy to Girl Wedding kiss Monkey Kiss Hugs And Kisses Flirting Lips Red lips Gimme a kiss Kissers Big Kiss Cheerleader blowing a kiss Valentine butterfly kiss Sexy Blonde Wink Kisses Hearts And Kisses Give Me a Kiss Kiss On The Hand Girl sends kiss Love Birds Kiss marks Tongue out Godfather Kiss Me glitter Frog Kiss Kissed Dream Kiss Kiss glitter Kiss Viewing 1—60 of 81 smileys. Angel in clouds blowing a kiss.


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